Digital YSMG-L322/562-100

The LED Digital light is the new invention designed by Socanland. The digital system is used to replace the knob control as usual. The adjustment of both the color temperature and dimmer can be showed via digits.


a)      Volume about:315mm×718mm×70mm
b)     Power:100W
c)      Control:DMX512/Hand
d)     Color temperature:3200K~5600K
e)     Lighting Output:5700lux/1m
f)       Beam Angel:60°
g)     Dimmer: 0-100%
h)     LED light life:50,000 hours
i)       Input power:    
Camcorder battery: DC14.8V
Adapter:4pins standard socket 4“+”1“-”
The power supply mounting plate is fixed on the back of the light. Please choose V-lock mounting plate and Anton bauer mounting plate
The accessories barndoors and filter can be added in the fixture.


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