The LED digital camera light is mainly designed for 16:9 image. It also can be adapted other stands for lighting. The color temperature can be adjusted from 3200K to 5600K, no filters needed. The digital tube is used and the adjustment can be showed via digits, by which both videographers and photographers are able to adjust the lighting power and color temperature to the same each time for the satisfied shooting. The digits are showed from 0 to 255 for brightness adjustments and from 3200 to 5600 for color temperature adjustments. One function button is used to choose Brightness adjustments or CT adjustments. The memory function make the adjustments are saved after 5 seconds. When you turn on the light next time, the brightness and CT will be the same as last time you used.

a)      Volume about:249×86×55mm
b)     Weight: about 900g(only the light)
c)      Power:2*20W
d)     Control:Hand Control
e)     Color temperature:3200K~5600K
f)       Lighting Output:>970lux/1m
g)     Beam Angel:60°
h)     Brightness Adjustment: 0-100%
i)       LED light life:50,000 hours
j)       Input Voltage: 12V-17V DC
k)      Interface type: battery pack of sony F970-F770 or B-type power plug   
l)       Max brightness usage time: approx 400min(NP-F970)
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