LED On-Camera Lights are the matured products that many companies are able to produce them. However, do you feel inconvenient to always carry the gel filters? The gel filters don't work together with our camera light. There are LED bulbs with color tempreture both 3200K and 5600K to avoid reducing the brightness of the lighting. You only need to press one button to convert 3200K/5600K.
a)      Volume about:143×160×55mm
b)     Weight: about 300g(only the light)
c)      Power:2*10W
d)     Control:Hand Control
e)     Color temperature:3200K/5600K
f)       Lighting Output:>700lux/1m
g)     Beam Angel:60°
h)     Brightness Adjustment: 0-100% Dimmer
i)       LED light life:50,000 hours
j)       Input Voltage: 6V-17V DC
k)      Interface type: battery pack of sony F970-F770 or B-type power plug   
l)       Max brightness usage time: approx 300min(NP-F970)
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